Wilson Foundation’s New Office

Last month the Wilson Foundation said so long to its home of more than 30 years on Allens Creek Road.  We are thrilled to e-welcome you to our new space in the Village of Pittsford!  Check out our transformation, and stop in to see us sometime.

Our former office.  Most of the furniture and supplies found new homes at local non-profits.

old office 1

old office 2

Sheridan Brothers had us all moved in a few hours.


Before and after photos of our new space.  Special thanks to Mike Kraus for building the shelves in our conference room, and Dalton LaBarge for moving some heavy furniture!

The main conference room:

main room 1 before

main room 1 after

main room 2 before

main room 2 after

Jonathan’s office:

JH office before

JH office after

The bathroom and storage room.  No before pictures for these spaces:

bathroom 1 after

bathroom 2 after

spare room after

Megan’s office:

MB office 1 before

MB office 1 after

MB office 2 before

MB office 2 after

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

One thought on “Wilson Foundation’s New Office”

  1. Having been there just yesterday, I can attest to its brightness and beauty, as well as the convenient location above Yotality. Yum!

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