The Corp of Discovery

In 1804 Thomas Jefferson asked Congress to fund an expedition west for the discovery of a northwest water passage to the Pacific Ocean.  For a mere $2,500 (about $51,000 today), Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led the Corp of Discovery on a journey that took much longer than anticipated, faced challenges they could never have […]

Joe Wilson’s Advice

It is daunting to set high goals—what if you fail, or come up just short?  A basketball player never celebrates a ball grazing the bottom of the net—it was so close to the rim it nearly went in!  The player celebrates when the ball goes through the net.  But the player still shoots.  It would be […]


I recently saw a commercial in which a retailer changed thanksgiving to thanksgetting.  At first I rolled my eyes at their attempt to be clever.  Then I was annoyed at their lack of creativity.  Then I was frustrated by consumerism and their ploy on changing the purpose of a holiday.  Then I got a grip […]

I Look Like…

On August 4th the White House hosted a Demo Day on inclusive entrepreneurship.  President Obama referenced Xerox’s diversity program, known as the Wilson Rule.  Named after the founder of Xerox and the Wilson Foundation, the principle promotes diversity by requiring women and minorities to be included in the final pool of qualified candidates for every open management […]

Noah’s Arc Lesson 5

5. Don’t wait for experts to solve your problem. The Titanic was built by experts; the arc was built by an amateur. The final lesson.  Here is where it all comes together.  We’ve been at sea together for four lessons, but now we’ve reached the dock and are preparing to alight.  So far I have […]

Noah’s Arc Lessons, Part 4

4.  Don’t let critics control your life. Taking risks sometimes means ignoring your critics.  There is a fine line between ignoring your critics and listening when someone is asks challenging questions.  Take the example of the early explorers.  When Columbus sought out to find a westward route to the Indies, critics told him he was […]

Noah’s Arc Lessons, Part 3

3. Plan ahead—it wasn’t raining when he built the boat. I recently visited Detroit and found and optimistic and proud community.  Is it because there has been so much bad that now there can only be good?  The people of the city are open to experimenting with new concepts and are humble about implementing ideas.  […]

Noah’s Arc Lessons, Part 2

2.  We are all on the same boat. If we are to question the status quo, and we are to encourage creativity, then we must work together.  Boats generally have tight quarters.  There is no room for ego on the boat—it is already small enough. We must have a sense of humility to drive an […]

Noah’s Arc Lessons, Part 1

In 2012, I had the opportunity to attend an event featuring Marion Wright Edelman of the Children’s Defense Fund.  She provided many pearls of wisdom in her remarks, as most inspiring people do, but one lesson remained with me more than any other.  I wrote it on a note card and have it placed prominently […]