2018 Annual Report

The Wilson Foundation’s 2018 Annual Report is available for review.  Find out how the Foundation deployed its assets, plus information on leadership and finances.  Read the full report here.

Wilson Foundation brings largesse home to Rochester

The Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson Foundation will come full circle this year as it restates its commitment to Rochester through a renewed focus on poverty reduction and investment in the region. The organization, established by Xerox Corp. founder Joseph Wilson and his wife in 1963, has through the years funded a number of […]

Strategic Plan Definitions

Please consider this short guide on what the Foundation means by some of the terms in its new strategic plan. Overall, the plan states: Reduce the impact of trauma and housing instability on youth and families.  We mean trauma and/or housing, and we mean youth and/or families.  Trauma–A response to a real or perceived threat. […]

Advocacy Funding

Wilson Foundation strategic focus area #4: Advocacy will provide a voice for issues and solutions relating to trauma and housing instability. A lot of the talk about poverty in Rochester revolves around system change.  The system is broken.  We need to fix the system.  If the different parts of the system worked together.  At the […]

Prevention Funding

Wilson Foundation strategic focus area #3: Prevention support will work to prevent traumatic events and the effects after experiencing an event, as well as preventing homelessness for families. Our community has been funding programs for decades, with varying degrees of long-term success.  It is a natural reaction to see a problem and to try to […]

Collaboration Funding

Wilson Foundation strategic focus area #2: Collaboration will provide opportunities for outcome-driven collaborations and resource connections, and provide the necessary support for housing and trauma-related issues to be at the right tables to guarantee those issues are heard. Everyone is being asked to collaborate on everything these days.  But what does that mean?  The Foundation […]

Capacity Building Funding

Wilson Foundation strategic focus area #1: Capacity Building will enhance the needs of the community and non-profits to better support families and youth in relation to trauma supports and housing issues. The funding community asks a lot of non-profits—change the world but don’t spend any money on staff in order to do it. The Wilson […]

Connections: The impact of multi-generational trauma

Trauma affects families of all ethnicities, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and it can be the result of a number of factors: crimes against humanity; terrorism; natural disasters; poverty; and more. While scientists have studied its impact on victims’ mental and physical health, research on the impact and scope of multi-generational trauma is just beginning to […]

Trauma-Informed Grantmaking

Taking a number may be OK in a deli line, but not when you’re trying to get your life back in order. Then, it’s helpful to have more personal attention. Grants from two of the area’s influential foundations will train human service agencies in a more customer-friendly style of service. The Rochester Area Community Foundation and […]